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Read No Further if You're Not Committed to the Betterment of Your Life!

If You're Looking to Succeed at Your Highest Level Possible Then You Need to Take This to The GYM!


I Have 14 Reasons Which I Built For You in Mind that will Change Your Life Forever!

But Before We Get Started I Want to Ask You a Question Are You Hungry? Yes, Hungry?

Let’s Connect and Talk About What We Can Do For You!

Ask yourself this question:  Are you ready to get STRONG and Do You Hunger and Thirst to be unstoppable?

1. Because being STRONG is not an option.  It’s a requirement for your soul!

2. Because being STRONGER puts you in a position to pursue your specific goals with persistence.

3. Because STRENGTH, when taken with massive action, will make you a decisive, tireless, confident superhero!

The Winner’s and Champion’s INC Program is comprised of FULL ACCESS to your FIRST FULL YEAR of ALL of the following:

  • 14 MODULES Strength Program – A FULL YEAR of Strength Programming, so you are constantly challenging your body and breaking through barriers in strength.
  • More NEW Modules will be released in the future! – ADDITIONAL NEW strength modules released as part of the Winner’s And Champion’s INC Private Group on Facebook.
  • EVERYTHING is offered to YOU, the WINNER and CHAMPION, in MIND to get the job accomplished! – You are about to embark on the most POWERFUL result producing strength system money can buy. Our Strength System will build that StrongPowerful He-Man body with all the guesswork taken out and Years Wasted.

Eric Fiorillo

Winner’s and Champion’s INC Strength Coach

ACT NOW and take FULL ADVANTAGE of this program!!!!

Winners and Champions take ACTION Now!

Winners and Champions INC Doesn’t Stop Here! We will always Inspire, Teach and be the Driving Force towards getting the job accomplished! Our 14 Step Strength Program is “For Men and Women Who Think Strong.”  In the future, we are going to build with you a mountain of Audio Training along with a Video Catalogue to inspire and transition you into the Determined, Focused and Confident individual you have always dreamed of.

Nothing SUCCEEDS like an IRON WILL!  Welcome to Winners and Champions INC!


When You Purchase The Winner’s And Champion’s INC Program by Taking The Action Steps Right Away, You’ll Get Our Spectacular Module Number 14 Called The Heart of Steel for Free. Yes Free!

Don’t Go Anywhere Yet Because I have Even Bigger News for You!  If our 14TH Module, The Heart of Steel Wasn’t Enough??

Well, here’s your Opportunity of a Lifetime when you purchase The Winner’s and Champion’s INC Product at the Low Price of $499.00 which will Immediately Restore Your Hunger For a Strong and Successful Life.

Get off the Fence and Take Action Right Now!  Just Think How Great Your Life Will Become When your Hunger Takes You To The Top Winner’s and Champion’s!

This Lifelong Strength Program is easily worth $100 per month or $1200 for the year, but I’m so COMMITTED to getting it in the hands of as many people as possible. I’m practically giving it away to the first 10 customers.

One time payment of just $499 (value of $1200)

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Winners and Champions INC, take action now and every day!  Remember, Winners and Champions get a BONUS Module Number 14 – Titled The Heart of Steel

Isn’t it time for you to join our FAMILY and be part of the REVOLUTION to reclaim your Hunger, again???

Don’t rely on what I’ve told you, listen to what Our Medical Doctor Geoffrey Smith has to say!
Listen to the results Eric Guttmann achieved with the Dead Stop Squat and Dead Stop Overhead Press Programs. Both of these programs are included in the Winner’s and Champion’s INC Modules.
I, Eric Fiorillo, give you my COMMITMENT that I have mastered and designed every one of these Audio Training Programs for your success.

With over three decades of training under my belt, I have the experience and know-how to help build you into the champion you’ve always wanted and dreamed of being.

We are pure MENTAL TOUGHNESS here at The Fiorillo Barbell Company Stone and Steel Yard!  This all starts with PREPARATION, POISE under pressure and our DEDICATION to get the job ACCOMPLISHED!

We are the IRON WILL in life and SUCCESS. Please Join our Family!

Listen to our past and present Winner’s and Champion’s INC success stories.

Testimonial from

Dennis Eames

Winner’s and Champion’s INC Training Program Student

Testimonial from

Kelly Johnson

Winner’s and Champion’s Training Program Student

Become part of the Award-Winning, Result-Producing, Time-Tested Winner’s and Champion’s INC Program!  We are now accepting men and women who have the undying hunger to succeed big!  We are only accepting 10 students monthly to the Winner’s and Champion’s INC course at this one-time price of $499 before we have a price increase.
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We don't mess around.

We get busy, we stay busy. 

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