Old School Strength Training



To Destroy Old Age

Ask yourself this question:  Are you ready to get STRONG and DESTROY old age?

1. Because being STRONG is not an option.  It’s a requirement.  

2. Because being STRONGER puts you in a position to pursue your specific goals.

3. Because STRENGTH, when applied, will make you a decisive, tireless, confident superhero!

The Winner’s Circle Program is comprised of FULL ACCESS to your FIRST FULL YEAR of ALL of the following:

  • 12 MODULES Strength Program – A FULL YEAR of Strength Programming, so you are constantly challenging your body and breaking through barriers in strength.
  • More NEW Modules will be released in the future! – ADDITIONAL NEW strength modules released as part of the Winner’s Circle Private Group on Facebook.
  • EVERYTHING is offered with YOU, the WINNER, in MIND to get the job accomplished! – You are about to embark on the most POWERFUL result producing strength system money can buy. Our Strength System will build that StrongPowerful He-Man body with all the guesswork taken out. 


Eric Fiorillo

Winner’s Circle Strength Teacher

You get over 15 years of development in this program broken down into 12 Modules…

  1. The ability for you to think, create and discipline yourself for the adventure of a lifetime.
  2. Safety tips for your training success, Specialized Bodyweight Training, Dead Stop Squats, Dead Stop Squat Partials and Combining Squats and Sandbags together for Great Results.
  3. Adversity Strikes, Goals to Fulfill, Basic Strength, Mental Strength, Singles, Breathing Pullovers, Recovery Mind Tips.
  4. Learning how to build super strength with a Sandbag. Why Sandbag movements will build a championship physique. Why you’ll soon be in the best shape of your life and look forward to the next steps to take.
  5. Building Character, Building Inner Power, Exercise Specialization, Overhead Pressing, Bent Rows, Dead Stop Squats, Bicep Curl, Neck Work and Thick Bar Work.
  6. Your Passion, Taking Chances, Creativity, Plugging in Your Brain into your training and becoming so inspired with your life.
  7. Body Weight Warm-ups, Heavy Hand Walking, Sandbags for time, Sledge Hammer Striking a Tire for time, Sets and Reps will be taught.
  8. Building Huge Arms, Tendons, Ligaments and Bone Density, Floor presses and Thick Bar Training with both an Apollon Axle and Thick Dumbbell Handles.
  9. Milk for Big Gains, Hise Shrugs Equal Big Traps, Why a Cambered Bar, Joseph Curtis Hise and Weighted Pullovers for ribcage expansion and size.
  10. History of The York Barbell Iron Boots, Exercise Shoes, Leg Extension Exercise, Hamstring Curl Exercise, Abdominal Building and Streamlining.
  11. Sandbag Training, River Stone Training, Steel Stone Training, Millstone Training, Mental Thoughts and Sets and Reps for success.
  12. Love it Totally, Drive Your Passion, Power Rack Technique and Training, Mental Tenacity and Asking Yourself Why.

The Winner’s Circle Doesn’t Stop Here! We will always Inspire, Teach and be the Driving Force towards getting the job accomplished! Our 12 Step Strength Program is “For Men and Women Who Think Strong.”  In the future, we are going to build with you a mountain of Audio Training along with a Video Catalog to inspire and transition you into the Determined, Focused and Confident individual you have always dreamed of.  Nothing SUCCEEDS like an IRON WILL!  Welcome to The Winner’s Circle!

This Old School, AGE Busting Strength Program is easily worth $100 per month or $1200 for the year, but I’m so COMMITTED to getting it in the hands of as many people as possible. I’m practically giving it away to the first 10 customers.

One time payment of just $247 (value of $1200)

Winner’s take action today.  Winner’s get a BONUS Module #13 – Stewards of Strength

Isn’t it time for you to join our FAMILY and be part of the REVOLUTION to reclaim your MANLINESS, again???

Don’t rely on what I’ve told you, listen to what this medical doctor has to say!

“Don’t take my word for it… listen to Geoffery!”

Dr. Geoffery Smith, MD

Listen to the results Eric Guttmann achieved with the Dead Stop Squat and Dead Stop Overhead Press Programs. Both of these programs are included in the Winner’s Circle Modules.

Testimonial from

Eric Guttmann

Winner’s Circle Training Program Student

ACT NOW and take FULL ADVANTAGE of this program!!!!

Winners take ACTION!

I, Eric Fiorillo, give you my COMMITMENT that I have mastered and designed every one of these Audio Training Programs for your success.

With over three decades of training under my belt, I have the experience and know-how to help build you into the champion you’ve always wanted and dreamed of being.

We are pure MENTAL TOUGHNESS here at The Fiorillo Barbell Company Stone and Steel Yard!  This all starts with PREPARATION, POISE under pressure and our DEDICATION to get the job ACCOMPLISHED!

We are the IRON WILL in life and SUCCESS. Please Join our Family!

Listen to our past and present Winner’s Circle success stories.

Testimonial from

Dennis Eames

Winner’s Circle Training Program Student

Testimonial from

Kelly Johnson

Winner’s Circle Training Program Student

Become part of the Award-Winning, Result-Producing, Time-Tested Winner’s Circle Program!  We are now accepting men and women who would like to defy age and create optimum health for themselves!  We are only accepting 10 people to the Winner’s Circle at the one time price of $247 before we raise the rate. 

Why We Do What We Do Better Than Anyone Else.

His name is James Thomas Fiorillo. Jimmy was Born with Muscular Dystrophy and he was Wheelchair Bound till the day he passed away. Jimmy always had the Grit and the American Spirit to keep on Fighting till the very end. Always a smile on his face and such a loving way about him. He still inspires us in spirit to anyone and everyone who discovers him. Please learn more about this Unmistakable Warrior.