Etched in Stone


Men, do you feel old beyond your years? Do you look nine months pregnant due to the size of your stomach? Is it hard for you to make decisions? Are you a lot more emotional then you used to be? Do you find that you no longer have the urge to lead and you tire easy? Is this the life you envisioned for yourself as you matured into your forties, fifties and sixties? I believe not.

You no longer have to settle for that weak, tired life. The Fiorillo Barbell Company and Motivation and Muscle Streaming Radio 24/7 along with its owner Eric Fiorillo have the right plan and solutions for you to get back. Eric has joined forces with Organic farmer and the owner of Primal Creations LLC Stephen Santangelo, Dori Peterson “The Rebel Food Nurse” RN, Dr. Geoffrey Smith MD and Dr. William Wong an Anti-Aging and Naturopath specialist to do just that. I have created a program to make you feel your youth again and keep it. Remember those days?

I have built a team that can work with you on your nutrition, diet, supplementation and exercise to reach that common goal we all strive for.  What is that you ask? Your health, confidence and image for starters. I have built a survival guide called Etched in Stone. Every man should have a copy of it in their pocket at all times. Why? Because the majority of men need to drop back into the world. Your presence is required.

Etched in Stone is so simple and basic but yet so primal in nature that it will literally make you feel a sense of confidence that you haven’t felt since your teens. Sometimes we need to take a voyage into the past to claim our future.

Etched in Stone is your future! We take two basic strength objects and apply them in a way that anyone can benefit from our course. We will show you completely in detail how to take that tired old defeated mind and body and restore that vim and vigor of a man much younger than his years. Do I have your interest? Do you like the outdoors breathing in all of the fresh air into your lungs? Do you like to get your hands dirty? How about a good sweat?

I will teach you how to take all kinds of various sized stones and turn them into your new training library. Stone lifting has been around for centuries. Most cultures before the advent of the barbell used stones for strength and a way of testing one’s manhood. Through history stones were lifted as a test of strength as a young boy made his transition into manhood. One of the greatest compliments of Etched in Stone is we will all be united as brothers through the span of time. Stone lifting in not only universal in nature but who wouldn’t want to be part of something this big?

Think about the five statements below as you keep reading on.

1. No more gym fees or waiting for machines.

2. No more wasting time doing the same things that amount to zero results.

3. I’m not seeing the results I was promised.

4. I’m feeling worse.

5. My trainer seems to of disappeared after my first week here in the gym.

Does this sound way too familiar?

When you come on board with my team of experts, and the Etched in Stone training principals, this will be a thing of your past. This is an eight-week series which will be your biggest life changing experience. Manliness will make its triumphant return to your mind, body and spirit. What man wouldn’t like to feel like he could take on the world again? This program has been repeatedly successful with everyone who has ever partaken in these programs. We are now taking it out of our strength yard and bringing it you!

Our 8-week series is only $1199 dollars. Etched in Stone will:

  • Create a newly chiseled body resembling stone
  • Create more confidence in and out.
  • Full support team to answer your questions
  • Video demonstrations
  • Podcasts with our team talking about this program.
  • The ability to speak with us by Skype or phone conversations and much more.

Thing like manliness, strength and the ability to lead were no longer welcomed among the majority of society. Suddenly a man’s role became more and more diminished in both his family and profession and he, like many other men, just decided to drop out. With the advent of fast food, plastics and many hormonal disruptors our men’s anatomy and our self-worth began to take a big plunge.

We have eight spaces open for men who want to recapture their health, leadership and make the most out of themselves. Are you ready? Let’s act right now!

This is the official Sandbag Company We use For the Fiorillo Barbell Company’s Etched in Stone Program. This Sandbag can be used Indoors or outdoors. The CERBERUS Sandbag is made for lifting, carrying, throwing, loading and much more. We use only the best!
When You Purchase Our Number One Product Etched in Stone Which Will Reclaim Your Manliness, Strength and Mental Drive We Will Give You Free our time tested and successful Program the Winners Circle. The Winner Circle is comprised of Twelve Audio Modules with You the Winner in Mind. We feature Result Producing Exercises such as Hise Shrugs, Dips and Dead Stop Power Rack Training Just to name a few. This is a $299 value Free when You are one of the lucky Eight Men Who Sign-up for our Etched in Stone Program. Isn’t it time for you to Join our family and be part of the revolution to reclaim your manliness again?

Why We Do What We Do Better Than Anyone Else.

His name is James Thomas Fiorillo. Jimmy was Born with Muscular Dystrophy and he was Wheelchair Bound till the day he passed away. Jimmy always had the Grit and the American Spirit to keep on Fighting till the very end. Always a smile on his face and such a loving way about him. He still inspires us in spirit to anyone and everyone who discovers him. Please learn more about this Unmistakable Warrior.