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Our Revolutionary NEW Heavy Physical Training Program…


Regain Your Manliness!


“For MEN who think STRONG”

MEN, do you feel OLD beyond your YEARS?

Do you LOOK nine months pregnant due to the SIZE of your BELLY?

Is it HARD for you to make DECISIONS?

Are you a lot more EMOTIONAL than you used to be?

Do you find that you no longer have the urge to LEAD and you TIRE EASILY?

Is this the life you envisioned for yourself as you matured into your thirties, forties fifties, and sixties? Well, I for one, BELIEVE NOT!

Dr. William Wong

Anti-Aging and Naturopathic Specialist

You no longer have to settle for that weak tired life! The Fiorillo Barbell Company and Motivation and Muscle Streaming Radio 24/7, along with its owner, Eric Fiorillo, have the right plan and solutions for you to get back on track.

Eric Fiorillo has JOINED FORCES with: Organic farmer and owner of Primal Creations LLC, Stephen Santangelo; “The Rebel Food Nurse,” Dori Peterson RN; Infectious Disease physician, Dr. Geoffrey Smith MD; and Anti-Aging and Naturopath specialist, Dr. William Wong; to do JUST THAT!

We have created a special physical training program designed for you to make you feel your youth again, and keep it!  Remember those days?  We will recapture them once again!  I have put together a special team of physical training experts who can work with you regarding your nutritional needs, including supplementation and exercise, to reach that common goal that we all strive for!

What is that “Common Goal”, you ask?  Your HEALTH, your CONFIDENCE, and your PERSONAL PERCEPTION of yourself, just for starters!  After careful study and years of personal experience and experimentation, I have built a survival guide called…

Etched in Stone

Heavy Physical Training Program!

Every man should carry a COPY of it in their pocket at all times metaphorically speaking!


Because the majority of real men need to drop back into the real world. Your presence is required!

Dr. Dale Dugas

Acupuncture Physician

Eric Guttmann

Naval Officer

Dr. Geoffery Smith

Medical Doctor

Dori Peterson

“The Rebel Food Nurse”

1. NO more gym FEES or WAITING for machines.

2. NO more WASTING TIME doing the same things that amount       to ZERO RESULTS.

3. NO more NOT seeing the RESULTS that I was PROMISED.


5. NO more TRAINER that seems to have VANISHED after my         FIRST WEEK in the GYM.

Our Etched in Stone Heavy Physical Training Program is so simple and basic, but yet so primal in nature, that it will literally make you feel a sense of confidence that you haven’t felt since you were in your teens. Sometimes we need to take a VOYAGE into the PAST to claim our FUTURE.

The Etched in Stone Heavy Physical Training Program is just that, YOUR FUTURE!

We take just two, very BASIC, strength training objects and utilize them in such a way that anyone can benefit from our physical training course. We will show you, in complete detail, how to take that tired old defeated mind and body and restore that vim and vigor of a man much younger than his years.

Have I got your INTEREST? Do you like being in the great outdoors, while breathing in all of that fresh air into your lungs?

Do you like getting your hands dirty?

How about breaking out in a good sweat?

I will teach you how to take all kinds of various sized sand bags and eventually various sized stones and turn them into your new training library.  Whether you know it or not, stone lifting has been around for centuries.  Before the advent of the barbell, most cultures used stones for developing strength and as a way of testing one’s manhood.  As a matter of fact, throughout history, many primitive cultures used the lifting of stones as a test of strength as a young boy’s right of passage into manhood.

One of the greatest compliments of the Etched in Stone Heavy Physical Training Program is that we will all be united as brothers through the span of time.  STONE LIFTING is not only universal in nature.  After all, who wouldn’t want to be part of something this big?

What are the distinct ADVANTAGES of this UNIQUE method of PHYSICAL TRAINING???

Think about the following FIVE STATEMENTS as you keep reading on…

Does this sound way too familiar?  When you come on board with me and my team of experts and follow the Etched in Stone training principles, this will be a thing of your past!  This is an 8-WEEK SERIES which will be your biggest life changing experience.  MANLINESS will make its triumphant return to your MIND, BODY and SPIRIT!  What man wouldn’t like to feel like he could take on the world, again?  This program has been repeatedly successful with everyone who has partaken in these programs.  We are now taking it out of The Fiorillo Barbell Company’s Strength Yard and bringing it directly to YOU!

Our 8-WEEK SERIES is ONLY $1199 dollars.

The Etched in Stone Heavy Physical Training Program WILL PROVIDE:

  • A newly CHISELED BODY resembling stone
  • More CONFIDENCE inside and out
  • Our SUPPORT TEAM available to answer ALL of your QUESTIONS
  • Special PODCASTS with our SUPPORT TEAM discussing your individualized program
  • The UNIQUE advantage of being able to SPEAK with our SUPPORT TEAM via Skype or telephone CONVERSATIONS
  • And much, much, more!


Dennis Eames

Student in Progress

Kelly Johnson

Blog Writer, Weightlifter, Graphic Design Artist

We have just eight spaces available for men who want to recapture their health, leadership, and to make the most of themselves. SUCCESS is calling you.

So, how about it?

Are you ready?



Limited Time Offer!!!

For those who take advantage of this limited time offer, and purchase our number one flagship product, the Etched in Stone Heavy Physical Training Program  which will reclaim your MANLINESS, STRENGTH, and MENTAL DRIVE – we will include, ABSOLUTELY FREE, our NEW, successful, time tested, One-On-One Strength Coaching Program…

“The Winner’s Circle”

The Winner’s Circle One-On-One Strength Coaching Program is the “Ferrari” of strength coaching programs!

This Special Program is comprised of FULL ACCESS to your FIRST FULL YEAR of ALL of the following:

  • 12 Step AUDIO MODULE Strength Coaching Program
  • One-On-One Strength Coaching including DIRECT ACCESS to ERIC FIORILLO to discuss your Training Program and GOALS.
  • RESULT PRODUCING EXERCISES such as Hise Shrugs, Dips, and Dead Stop Power Rack Training, just to name a few.
  • Build your BODY and your MIND
  • EVERYTHING offered with YOU, the WINNER, in MIND!

This is a $ 299 value, but is, for a LIMITED TIME ONLY, ABSOLUTELY FREE to those lucky EIGHT MEN who Sign-Up for our Etched in Stone Heavy Physical Training Program!

Isn’t it time for you to join our FAMILY and be part of the REVOLUTION to reclaim your MANLINESS, again???

But to take full advantage of this LOW PRICE, to receive this SPECIAL BONUS and to avoid disappointment, you MUST ACT NOW!!  Spaces are filling up FAST!!!

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