I decided that I wanted to use a different terminology rather than coach to get my points across.

This is in no way disrespecting the art of coaching whatsoever. I come from a long line of educators on both my mother’s and father’s side of the family. So, following their lead I decided to use the word educator in their honor. An educator or teacher as they are referred to takes time tested, proven and executed ideas in a specific way to enhance every student following a specified program.

This is where my team and I come into the picture.

Many individuals are suffering from weight gain, poor health, lack of strength and mobility. These age groups vary more than ever in today’s society. Our priorities today and everyday will focus on the ever-important systemic problem of being overweight and out of shape. This in itself is very dangerous in a nature on its own. The health ramifications can be anything from diabetes, heart disease, house confinement and the feeling of no longer being useful in one’s life. These are characteristics both physically and mentally which can be changed permanently with the help of proper education and responsibility placed on one’s shoulders. This is where an educator’s knowledge is priceless.

I, Eric Fiorillo want to welcome all of you to our Educators Web Page. I have joined forces with Organic farmer and the owner of Primal Creations LLC Stephen Santangelo, The Rebel Food Nurse Dori Peterson RN, Dr. Geoffrey Smith M.D. and Dr. William Wong a Classical Naturopath. We through our own personal experiences have constructed the best network of professionals out there both physically and professionally. We are committed to working with you in all areas of your health no matter what it is you’re facing.

The key to living a long robust life is to always put your health first and the everything else of importance in your life will follow. We deal with specific topics such as diet, exercise, weight loss and strengthening the body from head to toe.  We have the expertise and know how to help you achieve your goals with purpose, precision and passion. We will take the guessing game out of everything you want to achieve and allow for you to only concentrate on the goals you want achieve.

With our dedication to you and your goals we can take the guessing game out of your physical needs. This is a very big deal when you have been struggling with your health goals for years, or with some individual’s, decades. With this in mind we will rest your fears and through our positive direction in both the physical and mental levels of your success you will be able to enjoy this lifelong goal, or goals, you’ve always dreamed about.

With this in mind I want to reassure you all that we are fully committed, dedicated and willing to take on any health concerns which you are facing. We will speak with you initially and get a feel for what we would have to accomplish with you, draw up a plan to implement, take action and then get you back on your road to health. Don’t you think it’s time to build the best version of you possible? As we say here repeatedly:” Actions Speak Louder Than Words.”  We are success driven and so will you.

Thank You, Eric

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Why We Do What We Do Better Than Anyone Else.

His name is James Thomas Fiorillo. Jimmy was Born with Muscular Dystrophy and he was Wheelchair Bound till the day he passed away. Jimmy always had the Grit and the American Spirit to keep on Fighting till the very end. Always a smile on his face and such a loving way about him. He still inspires us in spirit to anyone and everyone who discovers him. Please learn more about this Unmistakable Warrior.