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Join Us As We Repeat Over and Over Our Words For Masculinity: Dominate, Obliterate, And Dent Everything In Your Path!
-Men Are-

2-Driven towards prosperity

3-Love themselves

4-Building strength and masculinity from the inside out

5-Lift barbells, sandbags and stones

6-Men never appologize for being men

7-Men work harder than everyone else to achieve success

Introducing Your Hosts
Dr William Wong

Thoughts From Dr Wong

Guys over 40 come get stronger, enjoy manly comradery and be teachers! Guys under 40 come find your balls and get them larger and heavier to become a man that can make up his own mind,  carry his dreams to fruition, fight the enemies of his life and welfare, and find the true love of his life by selecting not settling!!! Stop Groveling!

Eric Fiorillo

Thoughts From Eric

Masculinity by definition means having qualities or appearance traditionally associated with men, especially strength and aggressiveness! I believe being Masculine goes much further than that. A few things which show Male Masculinity right away are: Strength really defines who and what you are! Confidence is what attracts other towards you and allows you to get the job done no matter what the appearances are! Attitude gives the others around you a glimpse of what you are! Commitment to do your very best, be your very best and lead others!

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Submitted By Frank DiMeo

Terrorism, rogue nations with nukes, North Korea, China, and Russia combined are not as big a threat to America as political correctness is.

True, they may attack us militarily, some already are. However, 24/7 we are being destroyed from within by the malignancy of political correctness.
Daily we lose more freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and even freedom of thought.

As I have said before, in this culture all dissenting thoughts are bludgeoned into submission. Tolerance is a myth, people are only tolerated as long as they agree with the agendas of very vocal special interest groups. This “selective tolerance” is the lowest form of prejudice!

For instance, small military monuments are being torn down around our country if they have a cross on them, no matter how many decades they have been in place. I am not referring to the Confederate monuments, this is separate. Gutless, passive males are all too comfortable to let every good thing be stripped away from our country instead of taking a stand against it.
Think about this quote, then take action!

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

–Frank DiMeo


Submitted By John 'Rockman' Johnson

As a man, I refuse to let a physically, morally and emotionally weak society define who I am and what it means to be a man. We may be fallible and weak at times but it’s not my weakness or NY failures that define me. It’s how I respond to those challenges and get up and keep moving forward. It’s my faith, my lovevthat is my strength, it’s my wild yearning heart, it’s my noble spirit, it’s my physical strength and endurance that define me as a man and it’s those traits and lessons that we pass on to the next generation so they can stand proudly upon the shoulders of those who have passed before them, standing in the gap to profess these character traits of strength and manhood and to protect the weak.

Submitted By Douglas Graham

A warrior is the master of his own fate. No matter what fate throws at him, fame or infamy, health or sickness, poverty or riches, he uses the situation for his own inner development. He takes his motto from Nietzsche: ‘That which does not destroy me strengthens me’ The slave, on the other hand, is completely at the mercy of external events. If fortune smiles on him, he struts and boasts and attributes her favours to his own power and wisdom-which, as often as not, had nothing to do with him. If fortunes frowns, he whines and weeps and grovels, putting the blame on everything and everybody but himself. ‘Warriors Way’ – Robert S. DeRop

Submitted By Eric Fiorillo

We are the behemoths of this land. We have the strength to move mountains.

We have a warrior like mentality when it seems impossible we do not give up on ourselves or each other.

We worship in temples of iron and Stone where we push ourselves to the Limit. Our prayer is pressing lifting pushing and pulling the weight to our goal.

We follow the ways of the old and worship the Legends who created our world.

Amateur Strongman – John Walch.

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