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We are Fascination, Attraction, Strength and Emotion!




We Stand Up, Stand For and Stand Our Ground to produce the best brand of quality products creating INNOVATION, PASSION and CONFIDENCE.  Let’s Commit To one another and Join Together as The Fiorillo Barbell Company and Motivation and Muscle Streaming Radio 24/7 Strength Family!  WELCOME!

About Me: I’ve always had a fascination with strength. What kid wouldn’t like to be as strong as their comic book heroes? The interesting thing to my whole story is this is just what happened to me. My younger brother Jimmy was born with a very serious and life-threatening disease called Muscular Dystrophy.

My situation to strength was ushered in much differently than most people. Muscular Dystrophy was something as a young boy I was frightened of getting. Though my parents reassured me that this would never happen to me it still resonated in my head. Then one day when I was at a small corner store buying baseball cards and bubble gum I saw it! I saw the comic book that would change my life forever!

I had now made contact with the Incredible Hulk. Talk about a jaw-dropping ten-year-old. It was like a magnet to metal. In my mind, I now found someone so so strong that if I could grow up as strong as the Hulk I would never get Muscular Dystrophy. The mind of a child has now matured into a grown man that has never looked back. Unfortunately, we lost Jimmy many years ago to Muscular Dystrophy but his memory as well as the Hulk lives and breathes through my every waking day.

My dedication to strength and health has never been greater. I first started lifting weights with a leaky sand weight set and a wooden bench. I had played many organized sports as a kid and was quite good at them but when my hands first touched that barbell something magical went off in my head. I had now found the missing link to Jimmy and the Incredible Hulk. Through the years weightlifting has taken me from the basement to the commercial gym and back to the place I love the most. It’s a one car garage and driveway which we affectionately call The Fiorillo Barbell Stone and Steel Yard. It has a no-nonsense look that beckons you to be ready to perform at your very best. This is the key to my and everyone who joins our family of lifting giants.

Through the years I’ve been fully involved in teaching students the essence of physical culture, experimenting with and documenting the role of the barbell and how this bar can singularly change your life forever. I’ve also designed and created equipment not only to maximize your strength but also to create a safe environment especially if you train alone. I’ve been to Iceland and have lifted some very famous stones. Here at The Fiorillo Barbell Stone and Steel Yard, we train outside the majority of the year which makes us some very tough and hearty men. I live up in Upstate New York so I face the challenges of 90 degree days with high humidity or a day of thirty below with knee high snow. This type of training ushers in the mental, physical and spiritual principals I have learned through the years. These standards I’ve learned on my own our invaluable to me and anyone one I come in contact with. When taught correctly these standards and principals will build the best version of yourself you will ever become.

All of these big goals that I have achieved along the way, and lots more in my mind’s eye, has led me to become an entrepreneur. I now have two businesses which I’m very proud of. I’m the proud owner of Fiorillo Barbell Company which is where we house our blog and muscular strength products and also our Streaming Radio 24/7 podcast Motivation and Muscle. Dream it first and put your passion into action. These are the keys to success. Without my family, my brother Jimmy, the Incredible Hulk and a whole lot of elbow grease I wouldn’t be where I am today! The best is yet to come for me and your strength will be the catalyst to everything we will all do and achieve. Only the best, Eric

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