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Success. The definition of this word at times can be can be described as a Slippery Slope. This is the negative connotation of the word when it’s defined that way. We at Fiorillo Barbell Company and Motivation and Muscle Streaming Radio 24/7 have a much more Optimistic View Point on Success!How do we define Success here at the FBC Stone and Steel Yard? It’s a sequence of events practiced upon through repetition to eventually Succeed in a worthy Goal you have set for yourself. That to me is pretty cut and dry and hits the bull’s eye every time.Now that I have given you my definition of Success why is it that so many people fall short of it? I believe through the years I’ve witnessed a lot of talking, poor training and quitting which all have a common theme, thread or word woven through them. The word is no Passion! Before your ever going to have any success whatsoever you have to decide what is it that makes you want to get out of bed in the morning.The majority of people might wish a lot but wishing won’t get it done unless you have a burning desire to sacrifice everything to make that Dream possible.  As has been said numerous time Experience is the Best Teacher!
Now that we have discovered that with a few tweaks we can really make a serious change in our life for the better. Let me list out for you a few of the things we’ll need to do to begin our transition into a Successful and Rewarding Life filled with obtainable Goals!
Here are some helpful ways to Build your Dreams and Success:

1-First and Foremost. You must find your Passion! What is it?

2-You must build a Sustainable Plan! How?

3-What will you do to reach your Successes?

4-How Hard Do You Intend on Working on Your Dream?

5-Will You Quit on Your First Failure?

6-Will you Constantly Reaffirm Your Commitment to your Goals?

7-Will You use Positive Affirmations to keep yourself in a Positive Flow?

8-Will you see the Power of Failure and How a Winner Champions Success from them?

9-Will You Allow Yourself to enjoy even the smallest Victory for Yourself?

10-Will you Celebrate the completion of your worthy Goal and Build on your Success into the future?

These Ten Questions will give you a leg up on how to incorporate your Passion into your Goals and eventually relish Your Broad Succes in everything you engage into. This is what the Winning and Championship Mentality is all about. Like with any worthy Goal and Success it takes time to cultivate and Succeed with but isn’t that the whole reason to be alive?. Stretch as far as you can and then some more! Once you have discovered what your Passion truly is the opportunity to write your own happy ending is only a plan away! Success beckons your participation. Join it!Sincerely,

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