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Editors Note: It’s my honor to introduce a new writer to FBC Strongman Central. Please welcome Strong Woman Brandy Holloman Who I Consider Family and an Always Welcomed Guest on Motivation and Muscle Streaming Radio 24/7 With Host Eric Fiorillo.


So many thoughts rush through my mind when I think about strength.  I think about my love for lifting heavy things, the need to push myself to be even stronger, and the mental toughness life requires.  I am not going to sit here and give you the highs and lows of my life…the outright horrible happenings or train wreck moments.  We all have those highlight and lowlight reels.  We all have those things that can either hold us down, break us to pieces or make us rise and overcome any obstacle.  I, instead, prefer to focus on what strength has come from my chaos and how it has carried me through it all.

We all know life is precious, often too short and we should all be living fully daily…but many of us fail to face the demons, learn from them, then let it go and move on to bigger and better things.  Yes, sometimes it takes years to do this, but at other times not so much.  I have always been the gym in some form or fashion since I was 3 (gymnastics, dance, baton, cheerleading, softball, bodybuilding, fitness, powerlifting, coaching, etc.).  I have been exercising, lifting weights and training for something since I can remember.  I must say how grateful I am that I have had the gym since childhood…it has been my shelter and refuge when I could not even verbalize, process or even remotely face some situations in life.  I did not trust others enough to lean on them here and there….so the gym became my go to, the training my way to cope, and my lifelong friend that never lets me down.  The gym and the strength that comes from training has allowed me to live fully, to live life with intention and has increased my drive to excel.

No matter what kind of day I am having, if it is gym day—it is gym day!  I train my body to perform without sleep, without getting all my calories in or getting too many, when stressed, when happy, sad or angry.  I train.  I know when to push and I know when to take it easy during training.  It gives me something to focus on…you know, all that junk floating around in your head that can make you overthink, worry, hold you back, drive you nuts.  I take all the gunk and leave a little with each lift.  I use the gunk as energy to complete each lift.  Anything left at the end of training or anything that truly needs my attention, I deal with it.  Who needs to carry around that extra weight?  Leave the weight at the gym.  You do not need to carry it.  I do not need to carry it.  The weight belongs at the gym.  I will repeat myself…face the demons or whatever it is, learn from it, move on.  You will learn quickly that much of the gunk is not as big as you thought it was.  The gunk that remains…you is on the right track to letting it go, to heal and becoming better by working it all out of your system, especially at the gym.  Seek help when needed and get more tools to cope and heal—we all need it!  I am pretty sure others will suggest that you be active in some way…go lift!  I have learned these lessons.  I’ve lived these lessons.  I can share them with you because of the gym and what strength has given me!

Lifting and training will, of course, help you to be healthier physically, can help you sleep better…but what it can do to you mentally is priceless!  It has calmed my mind, has helped me to learn that I will get through this life no matter what is thrown my way, and I am incredibly strong inside and out.  I love lifting heavy.  I love feeling accomplished at the end of a training session or hitting a PR!  I always feel better after training!  I love the confidence it gives me to conquer goals.  If you can move some weight…you can move mountains!  You find this strength like no other to get things done, handle all the crap, and face the day knowing you are strong!

Strength on the outside can influence the strength you carry on the inside.  Strength building can help you in so many ways.  It has helped me learn to not worry about the little things.  It has helped me learn that I can handle life.  Strength training has taught me patience to allow time to heal, to make progress, to challenge myself, to adjust things as needed.  This applies so much to training but has taught me to apply it to my life as well.  It has changed my body, my mind, my relationships, my coping skills, my attitude, my health, and so much more.  It has closed doors on the past things that I let go of and does not need to be carried around any longer.  It has opened doors for new friendships, new experiences, many more smiles, laughter, and joy.  It has taught me to see situations, people and the world differently.  It has taught me to give time to things and people that are worthwhile.  Strength has given me the opportunity to spread love, inspiration, knowledge, passion….and hopefully, I have made a difference to someone out there!  Strength has helped me move mountains, climb mountains, and see that I only need to carry around a small backpack and not the whole mountain! I can keep climbing, moving and shaking because I am strong!  I hope to always continue this path and welcome others to walk with me!  Be better and find your strength!  Love and hugs my friends!


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