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Simple Isometrics

By Frank DiMeo  

Strongman, Bud Jeffries, got me started with isometrics over ten years ago; and he is still the “go to guy” for this type of training.Yes, there are other very strong guys who use isometrics with great results, like Steve Justa and Jon Bruney. However, Bud is the only one I have learned isometrics from in person.We use isometrics in a several different ways here at my gym, the Cave.Sometimes they are part of the warm up, other times they are a finisher, and at times the main focus of the training session.No special equipment is needed for isometrics, use whatever is in your gym that is heavy or just use body weight. You can build overall strength doing isometrics, this includes tendon and ligament strength.

Kegs are great for maximum time holds

So are maces

Trap bars or frames are excellent isometric tools


With this approach, hold the position without moving for as long as you can.

We also use maximum effort isometrics. With these, the focus is on generating as much force as possible very quickly.

Here is a simple DIY isometric station that is cheap to make for this type of training


One other variation we use is isotonic exercises, which are similar but do involve some movement.


As I said earlier, none of these exercises require any special equipment or major expense.

I recommend adding these to your current training, or as a “change of pace” to break through a plateau.