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Proud To Be a Man-Today is Father’s Day. I wish My Father James A Fiorillo a Happy Fathers Day. My Father has Been gone what seems to me like an eternity. I owe him so much and feel such a sense of pride when I talk about him and all of the life lessons I learned from him.
Shortly today I’m going to visit Dad and my Brother Jimmy at the cemetery,.i do this not only out of respect but because I miss them both tremendously. Today and every day henceforth we honor you and the men out there in the world.who are giving their all to make our lives better through their example. Did I say I’m proud to be a man?On this ever important day of Fathers Day lets never forget that we need to rethink what the true definition of manhood is? Not some media version of us that just wants us to fall in line. We must reclaim.our place in society as the leaders, the examples and the creators. There is nothing like or feeling the flow of manly testosterone flowing through my veins. The world awaits you and signals you every day to be strong and special in everything you do!  I say this all the time. My dad said this to me constantly and consistently through my life. Be a leader, not a follower! So I salute every man in the universe today and every day! Did I say I’m proud to be a man? I love you, Dad!