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Neck and Grip-I’ve decided as of late to experiment with the SANDDUNE Stepper combined with Neck Building and Apollon Axle Grip work. What was going to see here is how the Steel and the SANDDUNE Stepper compliment one another. So far this experiment is beginning to yield huge dividends. I will present a more at length written story in the very near future with video to accompany the story!A few notes of interests that goes as follows, I train on every non-lifting day Neck, Grip, and the SANDDUNE Stepper differently than I would on a scheduled training day. The results on my off days so far have been absolutely amazing. We all know the role of a strong healthy Neck and the role of your fingers, wrists, and forearms play in our everyday lives. I will keep up and vary my Neck and Grip progress with reports as I keep ironing out new wrinkles and routines, What looks better than a big  Strong bulging Neck and Big thick hands, fingers and forearms? This is not only very inspiring but the thought of a bigger Neck and a Monster Lower Arm just seems to make life a helluva lot better all the way around! Stay Tuned!You are a Winner! You are a Champion! Build from Within!