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Masculine Moment-It’s here Men. A website and webpage just for Men! Motivation and Muscle are all about Genius, Winners, and Champions! From day one of the Podcast, we have wanted to build a Strength Brotherhood like no other. Our Podcats are for everyone who wants to be a little more extraordinary rather than ordinary!

We want you to exceed everything you’ve ever gone after, get a lot stronger, eat bigger, and to grow as big as you’ve dreamed! But more then anything we want you to be a Man of character, leadership, and example for others!

That’s why Motivation and Muscle were conceived and brought to the market. It’s more than that to me. It’s my love. my passion and a chance to lead and give a lot of men who are questioning where they belong to recapture that strong-willed beast that is in all of us.

With that thought always in my Mind, I would like to introduce you to our Manly Mens Movement page located at      

This is the Brain Child of Eric Fiorillo, Dr. William Wong, and Douglass Graham. This is an interactive page where we can communicate with one another on any subject for men. Send tips in, video, and questions. This page is going to restore the confidence men need, see who they really are and once again restore them to what they have always been. Leaders! There will be much more to come. Please get involved and tell a friend!

Men are Masculinity!

Men. Never apologize for being Men!

Our international podcast Motivation and Muscle Streaming Radio 24/7 With Host Eric Fiorillo can be found at


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