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Faith and Fitness

By John Rockman Johnson

March 3, 2017.

In essence and in function stone is a whole separate beast than steel Both are great tools to have in the toolbox but stones have a very special place for me. Since I love being outdoors for one and two, because like faith, fitness shouldn’t be contained in a building, it should be tested out where life happens, not just in a controlled environment. Just like faith must be challenged away from the safety of a church, fitness shouldn’t be just about gym muscle ( all show, no go) Fitness should be put to the test and challenged outside of the gym in the real world.

Where steel and barbells and dumbbells are a symmetry and balance, stones are not, so the challenge isn’t just lifting the weight but learning to adjust to the imbalance and lack of a perfect way to hold on. So like living by faith not everything is as clear cut and easy to grasp until you have an understanding of the weight you are lifting and the faith to know that the weight will be lifted. You have to understand and navigate the weight in flow while maintaining balance and staying true to form, true to self, bending .but not breaking. A lot of it as you can see mirrors a walk of faith in Christ. Lifting stones and exercising outdoors will make you a stronger person, more so internally. The outside improvements are a great side benefit. It is a way to test what you are really made of outside of the comfort of a building. And that to me is how faith and fitness should be.

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