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Dead Stop Training

By Dr. Geoffrey Smith M.D.

March 18, 2017

Geoffrey is a regular contributor to Motivation and Muscle

For those with the grit or those who want to develop grit, then dead stop training is for you! Strength and power, both physical and internal, are yours with this tremendous application of barbell, power rack, and mind. I have developed huge amounts of power using this technique, and it has become commonplace for me to have that sense of cracking energy flowing throughout the body for days after dead stop training. The “old school” strength authors would frequently, and very rightly so, refer to the seat of power as coming from strengthening the loins, and I can tell you from experience that has a ‘spillover” effect into your other lifts, whether upper or lower body, especially when this technique is used for training the squat.

At first, the task may seem daunting, and I’d want your head examined if you didn’t have a healthy dose of fear as you get used to this style of training. You’ll learn too about dealing with failure, those times when you just KNOW you should have been able to make the lift, and only felt the bar bend and instead got the best isometric lift of your life. Struggle and toil, then ascend the highest peak of victory that’s what’s in store for you with dead stop training. If you want to walk tall then dead stop training is for you.