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How to Become made of Stone from Wood.

By Frank Robles

November 21, 2017

The modern world has brought some exciting advancements. We can fly across the country in half a day, call anywhere in the world from anywhere, and just turn a dial and have warmth. Warmth! Something everyone needs. Whether to heat up your food or yourself and family. The modern world has made it all too easy to accomplish this. There is no work or satisfaction in pushing a button or turning a dial. We take it for granted. Men and I mean males have lost their sense of pride. There was a time when a man was needed for this. To get out into the woods find a tree and chop it down. Can woman do this kind of work? They can! Modern technology has made it easier to accomplish for anyone. With primitive tools like an ax, saw and ropes it was predominantly a man’s job. So how can wood turn you into stone? With our object of rigorous work like chopping down a tree by hand, pulling it out of the woods and will strengthen every part of your body from head to toe.The satisfaction that is felt when doing this type of work is sadly something that has lost. There is a deep natural satisfaction, that maybe it’s our instinct as a man to enjoy this process. I feel many young men would have a different perspective about themselves if they were able to do this. There would be a positive change, one of self-worth. Your confidence would become like stone. The adrenaline rush of not killing yourself when the tree falls, and the feeling of accomplishment. All else could be going wrong in your life but knowing that your family is warm because of you is an immense confidence builder. The way you stack wood says a lot about what kind of man you are. Yes, the way you stack wood! A man that leaves his pile unstacked left to rot on the ground may be a little on the lazy side or he may have too many things going on in his mind that he can’t finish the job. A man that has a wood pile that looks like there were laser pointers and levels used may be a little O.C.D. The pile that is in between this is a balanced man. A woman that is looking for a balanced man can tell a lot from a man’s woodpile. That being said a woman can tell a lot about a man if he has a woodpile. You can’t cut down trees and chop up wood and be soft. It’s impossible.  Especially if you do everything by hand. Even if you use modern machinery you still can’t be soft. Physically and most definitely if not more importantly mentally.  So I encourage you young men, even older men. If you’ve never dropped a tree, chopped cordwood or even stacked a wood pile you should.  Find a neighbor that has wood to be piled up and ask them if they need help. Place an ad asking if anyone needs help chopping wood. Do it free of charge. The satisfaction is all the payment you’ll need. You’ll get a good workout in the process. In this world that is making us men soft, I say look at the wood. It will turn you into stone!


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