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Albany New York Fitness Coaching

The power of professional coaching can change your life.


The power of coaching can and will change your life.  Life throws many obstacles at us every day and a good coach can help you overcome struggles both physically and mentally. A good coach can move mountains. 

Why do we Coach? Because we love physical fitness. Physical fitness comes in many flavors. Recently, Fiorillo Barbell Co. coached three clients who need to lose substantial weight. Fiorillo Barbell Co. had so much success with these gentlemen because our first intention is to see them succeed. When you have that type of support, success is a guarantee. 

The mission here is this: “Fiorillo Barbell Co. wants to help everyone with their physical goals. We love what we do and we want you to love what you will achieve.”

Fiorillo Barbell Co. is offering a free thirty minute “I Want to Be Fit” coaching session.

During the Session:
1)      Will work together to create a crystal clear vision of what your fitness needs are.
2)      Will uncover any challenges that may be sabotaging the success to a better you.
3)      And you’ll leave our session with renewed enthusiasm, inspiration and best of all a new found confidence to attain you’re fitness goals.

Start on a clear path to your fitness needs and goals. You’ll get a clear vision of the challenges that face you and how we can change that. With a renewed vigor and enthusiasm we’ll help you get the fitness results that you’re looking for.

“I want to be the coach to help you turn your life around.”
– Eric Fiorillo, Owner



Albany Weight Loss Training

Obesity has become epidemic in the United States of America. This is a very dangerous road to travel on.

This means the health dangers you pose to your body. Diabetes, heart and circulation problems, mobility, breathing and just feeling lousy everyday. These are very hard things to deal with day to day and year to year.

Guess what? There’s good news. You have the strength to face these weight loss problems.

Brawler media will ignite the fire of your business.

We don’t mess around.

We get busy, we stay busy.

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