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Understanding This

Understanding This-Consistent thoughts equal attainable goals. You are the source within to everything you do. Why all OF the confusion? External stimulation is short lived and only will derail the eventual outcome you want.To really obtain these goals buy yourself a...

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Inspiring More Growth

Inspiring More Growth-Did you know the first fifteen minutes of your life once you wake up will set the tone for the rest of your day? What you read, listen to or talk about will create either a positive or a negative emotion within you. Take control of your life...

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Welcome To The Fiorillo Barbell Co!

Fiorillo Barbell Company is here to help you build more strength and power. Physical health and the limitless potential of the mind are what we are all about. Getting people healthy, but more importantly changing their life and their expectations for their life is what we are all about. Set your goals high, and The Fiorillo Barbell Company is here to help you succeed.


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Fiorillo Barbell Co. wants to help everyone with their physical goals. We love what we do and want you to love what you will achieve. Eric Fiorillo

President, Fiorillo Barbell Co.